Save Cults Library – Last Chance!!

Aberdeen City has offered to transfer the Cults Library building to the community. This may be our last chance to retain the building for community use, so the Community Council has submitted a notice of interest in this asset transfer on behalf of the community. Owning or leasing and running a community asset is a … Read more

MBC News Deadline

The deadline to get your articles, news and photos into the MBC News magazine is tomorrow, January 10th. Thanks for supporting the MBC News.

Next Community Council Meeting Oct 26th

The next meeting of the Cults, Bieldside & Milltimber Community Council will be on the 26th of October at the Cults Community Centre (swimming pool entrance) from 7 – 9pm. The agenda can be found here. The CBMCC are actively looking for a Secretary to replace David Laing and a More Blooms in CBM lead … Read more

Updated Community Resilience Plan

You can find the latest version of the CBMCC Community Resilience Plan here. Are you prepared for the kinds of things that can happen because of an emergency?  Power cuts, or disruption to fuel supplies.  Loss of telephone communications.  Flooding, at home, or at your place of business.  Becoming stranded or … Read more

Defibrillators in the CBM Area

The Community Council have collected a draft list of defibrillators in the local area and would ask anyone who knows of other defibrillators or who has additional information or corrections of those listed below to let us know by emailing us at . New Defibrillator at Primrosehill Road Cults A local resident has generously … Read more

MBC News online copy available now

The latest issue of the MBC News will be delivered from February 6th onwards but you can also read it online to catch up with the community news: