Volunteer with the CBMCC Footpath Group – May 20th

Volunteer with the CBMCC Footpath Group

There are many lovely places to walk within the CBM Community Council area but these footpaths do not look after themselves.  The CBMCC has a Footpath Group that helps to promote, maintain and enhance local footpaths.

We have compiled a schedule of tasks that we intend to complete this year and we would love if some of you could help with cutting back overgrown vegetation, invasive species and path maintenance.

One or two hours per task, or any time you can spare, to help us keep the paths usable would be wonderful and we’re sure you will enjoy being outdoors, with like-minded people, improving the paths for everyone in our community.  The Footpath Group has a selection of hand tools for volunteers to use on these tasks, or you can bring your own.

If you are keen to help to enhance our local paths please email your details to:  footpathgroup@cbmcommunity.org.uk and we’ll add you to our email list to update you with any changes or ad-hoc tasks.