MBC Festival

The year 2020 marked 45 years since the very first MBC Festival (albeit, it was known as the Cults Festival back then). We'd hoped that in future that everyone would be keen to celebrate our local community and help local clubs and businesses get back up and running after the pandemic. Unfortunately most of the pre-pandemic MBC Festival committee have retired, leaving the organising team decimated. We had been trying for some time to secure additional committee members before 2020 but have been unable to do so.  This means that the MBC Festival has, unless anything were to change, come to its end.

Past festivals have included a full programme of family friendly and adult events and activities which showcase local clubs and local talent while celebrating our local history and our beautiful, natural environment. You can enjoy some pictures from previous festivals and read our final MBC News report here

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions about future MBC Festivals, or you'd like to volunteer to revive the event, please contact us on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/mbcfestival.