Donate To More Blooms In CBM

Donate To More Blooms in Cults Bieldside Milltimber

Thank you for considering a donation to MBCBM.

Why is my donation required?

MBCBM is run purely from donations.  The Grant we get from Aberdeen City Council to run the Community Council is insufficient to also provide the blooms programme at the level it has become and which costs about £750 annually.

Whilst one off donations are much appreciated, the programme would be more sustainable and might even be extended if a relatively small number, say 30, of donors contributed a modest, say £25, annually.  There is an option below to contribute in this way.   The option to be able to have a small plaque attached to a planter to indicate sponsorship or in memory of a loved one is being investigated.  Please contact me if this may be of interest to you.

At the turn of the year 2020 - 2021,  Aberdeen City Council have replaced quite a number of lampposts along the North Deeside Road due to corrosion.   At least five of these posts in the CBM area had brackets for hanging baskets and because the new posts are larger in diameter than the old,  the brackets were not transferrable.   This means we have an extra one-off expense this year to replace the brackets if we are to have a basket display like previous years.   Costs are still being investigated but are anticipated to be a few hundred pounds overall. Please contact me if you might be willing to make a one-off donation to help with this cost.


What might my donation provide?

£10 - £15 will typically refresh bedding in a planter in spring or summer.

£20 would provide bedding in a planter all year round.

£25 will buy a hanging basket for the summer.

£40 would provide a new planter.

Other amounts might be used to refresh compost in planters, provide fertiliser or water retaining gel crystals.

By Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal account.

A one-off donation may be made by clicking on the button below


An annual donation of £15/ £25/ £40 or indeed any amount, may be made by clicking on the Subscribe button below.

Annual Amount

Click on the Log In button if you have a PayPal account otherwise, click on Create an Account to go to the Credit/ Debit card option.

Donations may be made directly to the MBCBM account detailed below:

Account             CBMCC BLOOMS
Sort Code          80-06-19
A/C No              10168368

Please add a reference to enable us to see who made the donation unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Donations may also be made by cheque made payable to


and sent to:

Graham Payne
CBMCC Treasurer
501 North Deeside Road
Aberdeen  AB15 9ES