Pros and Cons – Binghill House

Pros and Cons – Binghill House – Active retirement community (circa 60 units in mix of apartments, cottages and houses and 20-bed nursing home) including small-scale local shop and café, community allotments and associated infrastructure Our thanks to the Milltimber residents who responded to our request for input to the Pros and Cons document relating … Read more

Community Planning Survey March 2021 – What Is Important To You?

Dear community members Today Community Planning Aberdeen has launched an online simulator to enable citizens to express what is important and of value to them and for their community. Please help cascade and promote the following information to your citizen, customer and community contacts. The survey is open to any resident of Aberdeen City. What … Read more

Cults Medical Group Practice Update

Thank you to all who submitted a question to the Cults Medical Group. The team have reviewed the questions and provided responses to them – the questions posed and their responses can be found in this document link. If these answers prompt you to raise some additional questions, you can submit your questions directly to … Read more

Field at Friarsfield – Update

Field owned by Aberdeen City Council at Friarsfield – Update The Community Council has now learnt that the City Council is in active negotiations with the Compass project of the Camphill Wellbeing Trust to lease the field below the former Waldorf School. Compass is a new project to transform the former Waldorf School site into … Read more

Countesswells Development – Phase 2 Masterplan

Residents, neighbours and members of the public are being invited to shape the plans for the next stage of development at the growing new town of Countesswells. The first phase received planning permission in 2016 and the consortium is now designing the next phese. The developers, Countesswells Development Limited, will host a live and interactive … Read more

Spaces for People

Thank you for your feedback on the proposals from Aberdeen City Council for creating wider pavements to allow continued social distancing in the centre of Cults. We had lots of comments and the view was overwhelmingly against the proposed measures. We have written to Aberdeen City Council expressing our objection to the proposals and asking … Read more

Milltimber South Development

Bancon Homes and the Seven Incorporated Trades have now applied for planning permission in principle to build “up to 99 houses” and 2000m2 of commercial or retail space on the open land South of the North Deeside Road in Milltimber. You can find all the details of the application 200535 on the Aberdeen City Council … Read more