Defibrillators in the CBM Area

The Community Council have collected a draft list of defibrillators in the local area and would ask anyone who knows of other defibrillators or who has additional information or corrections of those listed below to let us know by emailing us at .

New Defibrillator at Primrosehill Road Cults

A local resident has generously provided, at his own expense, a new defibrillator in the Primrosehill area of Cults. Aberdeen City Roads Department were extremely helpful in providing a trickle charge of power to the machine, from a lamp post, as external defibrillators are temperature sensitive and must be heated.

This latest addition, which is available 24/7, is fixed to the lamppost on the west-hand side of Primrosehill Road at its junction with Primrosehill Avenue.

It would be wonderful if other local residents could follow this example, especially around the Bieldside Inn and the Supermarket area of North Deeside Road where there are none, compared to North Deeside Road, Cults where five machines can be accessed.