Walk 8. Milltimber Circular Walk

Walk 8. Milltimber Circular Walk


A walk which includes paths on both the east and west sides of the AWPR in woodland and on tracks with views across and up the River Dee. The Milltimber AWPR junction allows the main walk to be split into two separate walks (Options 1 and 2). The main walk entails walking from the Deeside Way up to almost the highest point of Milltimber.

There are three suitable starting points in close proximity: the junction of Bellenden Walk with the North Deeside Road, bus stops are close by; the Deeside Way and Culter House Road, if arriving by car, with parking at the side of the road.

Revised March 2021 with option to do as two separate walks.

Walk Details

  • Grade: Easy.
  • Terrain: Woodland, tracks and some road.
  • Distance: 4.3 mile; 7.0 km
  • Allow. 2.25 hours.
  • Way marked: No
  • GPX: Yes


Route Directions

These directions start at the junction of Bellenden Walk with Culter House Road and describe the route in an anti-clockwise fashion.

Enter a narrow passage, almost opposite Bellenden Walk with wood fences on either side on the west side of No. 48. At the back of the houses the path crosses a small stream, enters woodland and fades out. Head in a north-easterly direction till a barrier to a new housing development is reached. Turn rights and follow rough path to Contlaw Road.

Head uphill and turn right into Colthill Road. When a playpark is reached, go into it and diagonally opposite is a narrow passage between houses to Binghill Drive. Continue uphill and the road turns easterly and becomes ‘The Meadows’. There is sharp bend to the right and the entrance to Binghill House is on the left. Take the track on the left just past the entrance and this leads in northerly direction to Binghill steadings (on left) and Binghill Farmhouse (on right). Go round the back of the steadings and the track then goes right and through some gates to the Westfield estate. A short distance on there is a T-junction – turn left and the track goes through a yard with a large shed and finishes on a private road. Head left back onto Contlaw Road just by the AWPR.

Cross the AWPR bridge and immediately past the bridge, turn left down a lane leading to Nether Beanshill farm. When you arrive at the farm turn right and follow the track, past Guttie Hill to Culter House road – there are some great views to the south and west.

Cross straight over Culter House Road into the wood and immediately turn left on a rough footpath. Follow this and turn right (south) when it joins a path from the road at the edge of the course. About a hundred yards further on (at a corner of the golf course) bear right onto an ancient track and follow this round till  you meet a lane at the back of Culter House. Turn right and continue till you meet the North Deeside road where you turn right and cross over. Take the second left – Pittengullies Brae. In less than a quarter of a mile the Deeside Way crosses the road; turn left onto it. The Deeside Way soon crosses the AWPR using the new Milltimber Brae bridge. At the far end turn up Milltimber Brae to the junction with the North Deeside Road. Cross over with care and walk up Bellenden Walk, an unsurfaced lane, to Culter House Road.