Advertise in MBC News

Advertising in the MBC News is greatly appreciated as it funds the printing of our valuable community magazine. The magazine is well established and professionally produced (the formatting is done by Sue Simpson of Gazette Magazines) and so advertising space is popular with local businesses and subject to availability.

Usual Copy Deadlines:

• 7 Jan (for February delivery)
• 1 April (for May delivery)
• 1 July (for Aug delivery)
• 1 Oct (for November delivery)

Please note that we can't guarantee contacting all advertisers to remind them about deadlines and expiring advertisements so we ask that you keep track of this and contact us when you need to set up an advert or want to organise a run of advertisements. Email reminders are usually sent 2-4 weeks ahead of the deadline.

Pricing and Specifications:

Availalble sizes are shown below and pricing is in the table to the right. Only high resolution .jpg or print quality .pdf files are acceptable formats and for printing purposes, it is best if the advert is at least 300dpi. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Please supply us with your postal address for invoicing once the MBC News is delivered. You should also receive a copy of the edition you are advertising in.

Submit An Advert:

Please send your artwork to or contact us there with any queries.