9. Youth

The CBM CC area is a very nice area for youth (under 18 years old) as it has good schools, numerous school clubs, good leisure facilities, i.e. sports centre at Cults Academy and Kippie Lodge, but it is not without some challenges. There is above average number, compared to the city as a whole, of youths in the age range 10-19 (see section 1). The main links of this section are with ‘Education’ and ‘Community, Facilities and Amenities’.

What are the aspirations of youth?
Based on personal experience and general discussions with young people, youth want things like:
• Meeting other young people
o In an informal environment
o In a safe environment
• Opportunities for:
o Part-time jobs
o Full-time jobs
o Apprenticeships
• Activities that can support getting into Further and Higher education, i.e. to use in their personal statement.
• Safe and secure environment
• Good and cheap transport

Positive things
• This is an area that can offer the development of non-academic skills, i.e. Scouts, Girl Guides, etc, which can be used by those young people that want to go into Further and Higher education, i.e. in their personal statement.
• Taking some classes at NESCOL from Cults Academy can be a positive experience as it gives students a stepping block before fulltime Further and Higher education.
• Taking classes at other schools from Cults Academy to give students a wide range of subjects. Furthermore, this has proven to help widen social interactions from places where it would normally not have happened.
• Safety and security for youth in the area, e.g. walking to/from school or clubs or bus stops or on streets at night, is good.
• Opportunities for apprenticeships in Oil & Gas.
• Opportunities for work experience for young people in national and international Oil & Gas organisations, and NHS, i.e. ARI.
• Hub Youth Club
• Caspers, after school club at Cults primary

Age Profile
The ages in the Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber area are relatively different when compared to Aberdeen City as a whole. See figure in section 1. Aberdeen City has a large number of people in their mid-20’s to mid-30’s whereas the CBM area has, relatively, a significant lower number, with Aberdeen City 18.9% of the population in this age range whilst CBM area has just over half this percentage at 9.9%. The CBM area also has, relatively, more older people between the ages of 45-90+ (48.9% to 39.8%)) and more young people (19.8%) between the ages 5-19 years old when compared to Aberdeen City (14.1%).

Current Key Issues
1. Opportunities for:
• Part-time jobs. There are some jobs available locally but many need to travel to the city centre, the bus service is expensive compared to other cities and almost everyone is on minimum wage at the lower rate.
• Full-time jobs: For those that have left school, similar to above.
• Apprenticeships: Though there are some good Oil & Gas ones available there is a lack of diversity among the industries which provide them, i.e. just because Aberdeen is an Oil & Gas centre doesn’t mean everyone wants to work in it.
• There is a lack of variety in activities that can support getting into Further and Higher education, i.e. to use in their personal statement.
2. There are limited spaces for the development of non-academic skills, i.e. Scouts, Girl Guides, etc, i.e. there is always a long waiting list – sometimes for months!
3. Transport to/from school & town is expensive.
4. Many young people feel Milltimber has an equal proportion of households with youth compared to Cults or Bieldside so deserves similar facilities, i.e. shops, sports, clubs, etc.

To ensure that the views of the youth residents of the CBM area are fully taken into account and integrated into future plans for the development of the local community.
To protect and enhance the quality of life for young people growing up and living in the area.
To outline current issues, including positive things, in the area so that the Community Council is aware of them and can help solve any problem areas.

Proposed Actions
• Monitor of bus fares for children and raise any issues at the Public Transport Subgroup of the Community Council Forum.
• Consider when further development takes place in Milltimber to include shops, sports, clubs, etc as part of it. This would help with providing local jobs and leisure facilities.
• Explore ways of promoting local activities, paid and unpaid, for young people to help their own personal development.



Views are specifically invited on the following

  1. How important is it to have more facilities in Milltimber?
  2. How can cheap and safe modes of transport be promoted in the area?

If you would like to comment please add them below or click here to open a response sheet file.   This will allow you to complete and send your response by email to cbmcc@cbmcommunity.org.uk or by post to CBMCC at:  188 North Deeside Road, Milltimber, AB13 0HL.  All comments,  however received,  will be collated anonymously and acted upon as appropriate.  Your identity will not be disclosed.

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