Recently Submitted Planning Applications

Recently Submitted Planning Applications February 2020

Friarsfield Development
A new planning application for the Friarsfield development in Cults has been submitted by CALA. This one is for the third and final phase of the development as established in the Aberdeen City Local Development Plan. The Community Council will be reviewing the application 200171/DPP | Residential development of 82 dwellings with associated access, parking, landscaping and associated works, off Kirk Brae (Land To North Of) Cults, Aberdeen and we would be interested in hearing any comments residents of our area may have on the proposed development. You can email comments to
You can also submit your comments directly to the Planning Department using the City Council website (Planning section) and comments on the application need to be submitted by 11 March.

The proposed site plan can be seen here

Note: Tree works do not have a formal comment or objection process, hence the use of NA – Not Applicable for Due Date, but comments can still be made if appropriate.

If you want to bring any comments to the Community Council’s attention, either objections or words of support, please send us a message on Facebook or to