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None of us yet know what level of lockdown will be in place by the time the MBC Festival is due to start. We are continuing our planning efforts in good faith that things will start to return to normal by August. Social Distancing rules will likely affect the range of events we can offer, but we are continuing to plan as best we can for those events that remain viable.

2020 marks 45 years since the first MBC Festival (albeit, it was known as the Cults Festival back then). This year, by August we think that everyone will be keen to celebrate our local community and help local clubs and businesses get back up and running

In the meantime – as a bit of home-based fun – we thought it might be nice to do a Scarecrow Challenge.

We invite all residents to create a scarecrow made from junk and old clothes. The Scarecrows can be “themed” and can be as large or small as you like. Create more than one if you have enough materials!

Take a photo of your Scarecrow and we will include the image and a name-check in the next edition of MBC News. If you are up for sharing your address, we may ask you to stick them in your garden (or a front window) and we will create some walking routes so that local residents can do a Scarecrow Ramble in the local villages!!

Please share your  Scarecrow photos on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/mbcfestival.

The further details about the Festival will be published in the next edition of MBC News. You can also check our Facebook page, where additional details of events will be added.facebook_button

If anyone has any questions, feedback or suggestions about the MBC Festival, please contact us on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/mbcfestival.