8. Education

State schools in Aberdeen are owned and operated by Aberdeen City Council which acts as the Education Authority. A detailed document on educational arrangements and schools in the CBM area is available as appendix 2.

Primary Schools.

There are two primary schools in the CBM area:
• Cults Primary which has approximately 600 children in P1-7 and 80 nursery pupils. Cults Nursery follows the policy set by Aberdeen City Council. There are two nursery classes; each class has 20 places for morning and afternoon sessions. Children normally attend 5 sessions a week.
• Milltimber Primary which has approximately 247 pupils in P1-7 plus 40 children in the Nursery. A new school is currently being built at Binghill Road (Oldfold development site) to replace the current school. The new school will be single-storey with space for 434 primary and 60 nursery pupils.

Secondary School – Cults Academy
Cults Academy is the largest state school in Aberdeen. Founded in 1967, it was the recipient of The Sunday Times Scottish State Secondary School of the Year Award 2008 due to its outstanding exam results. Currently Cults Academy has around 1,050-1,100 pupils

Cults, Milltimber and Peterculter Primary schools are all included in the Cults Academy catchment zone.

Private schools
There are 4 private schools in Aberdeen admitting secondary age pupils, some of which also have junior schools and nursery care.
• Robert Gordon’s College (co-educational)
• St Margaret’s School for Girls
• Albyn School (co-educational)
• International School of Aberdeen (co-educational)

Special Needs
Camphill School, part of the Camphill Community, provides education for pupils with learning disabilities and other support needs.

Further and higher education
Vocational education in Aberdeen is provided by North East Scotland College and through apprenticeships.
All Scottish universities, including both Aberdeen University and the city’s Robert Gordon University, are public universities and funded by the Scottish Government.

Adult Education.
In 2011 the organisation and management of community adult learning programmes were transferred from the city council to local communities. In our area this led to the formation of the Lower Deeside Community Association (LDCA) for CBM and Peterculter. Due to a number of external circumstances, the LDCA failed to establish itself as a going concern and although city officers helped out for some time, the current position is that there are no community led adult courses and recreational activities in our area.

Fortunately, local clubs, societies, private organisations and churches are very active in providing recreational activities, sports and other pursuits, as demonstrated by the long list of activities published in the ‘What’s on’ section of the MBC News. Also, a number of private educators offer courses in the Cults Learning Centre in the community wing of the Academy and elsewhere.

For residents willing and able to travel, there are several community led learning centres in neighbouring areas, e.g. in the Inchgarth Community Centre and the Kaimhill Learning Centre in Garthdee. Robert Gordon University in Garthdee also has part-time, day-time and evening classes suitable for adults, eg Art classes at Gray’s.

Further afield there are suitable classes in Aberdeen College and Aberdeen University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning offers classes in eg Archaeology, Scottish Cultural Studies etc.
Day Courses are sometimes held in the Central Library.

Current Key Issues
1. School capacity. There is a concern over the availability of places at Cults Primary and Cults Academy for pupils currently living in the catchment area and those moving into the area to live in one of the many new houses being built in Cults, Bieldside, Milltimber and Peterculter. The new Milltimber Primary will relieve some of the pressure. As part of the Countesswells development a Primary school is due to be built after 500 homes have been sold and a secondary school after 1,000 homes sold. The CC is actively discussing and monitoring these developments.

2. Staffing shortage. There are concerns that schools in Aberdeen may close because of a “crisis” in recruiting teachers. In August 2019 Aberdeen City Council stated there were 85 empty teaching posts in the city. Retention and recruitment of teachers throughout the city remains challenging. This a particular issue for the CBM area due to the lack of affordable housing in the area.

3. Adult learning and recreation in the area is totally relying on private initiative. Residents who do not find anything to their liking locally, look elsewhere in the City or neighbouring Shire and are willing to travel. This situation is to the disadvantage of residents who are less mobile, due to age, mental problems or family circumstances who may experience loneliness. Although churches and the Cults Over-50 club do splendid work in the area, there could be a case for the introduction of targeted community led activities.

Community Council Objectives
To ensure that the views of the community are fully taken into account in all education and issues in relation to school and further education provision in the local community.
To work with our elected local councillors to ensure that school places are available for children who live in the area and that realistic planning of school capacity is performed.
To ensure that the locally available adult learning and recreational activities target vulnerable residents.

Proposed Actions
• Adult Education. To review what local courses are available and to seek views of the community as to unmet needs.


The CC is not able to deal with individual complaints, but will always consider investigating any general issues that may arise.

  1. Views are invited on any relevant educational matter.
  2. Suggestions are welcome as to how the CC can ensure it is aware of local needs.

If you would like to comment please add them below or click here to open a response sheet file.   This will allow you to complete and send your response by email to cbmcc@cbmcommunity.org.uk or by post to CBMCC at:  188 North Deeside Road, Milltimber, AB13 0HL.

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