More Blooms in Cults Bieldside Milltimber 3


This Project has blossomed again this year, managed by Graham Payne, helped by a number of volunteers and with the support of the city’s Park’s Department.  Twenty four hanging baskets were purchased independently this year and installed by volunteers at various lampposts along the North Deeside Road in Cults and Bieldside.  These are being maintained ie watered, throughout the summer by ACC.   All the planters have been set with Summer bedding with some of the Spring bedding still flourishing in some.


Towards the end of 2016,  2,000 daffodil bulbs were received from ACC. These were planted at the junction of Ferry Road and the North Deeside Road in Bieldside,  by Cults Primary School and Cults Library by Community Councillors.

MBCBM registered last year with the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood‘ scheme from Keep Scotland Beautiful and a rating of ‘Level 3 – Advancing’ was received.   We have not registered with IYN in 2017 or 2018 because the issue of sustainability is a more pressing need.

Whilst this year’s planting has funding,  at the moment the coffers are not looking good for displays in 2018 and beyond.   We have existed over the last 3 years and this,  with seed corn funding from a generous benefactor as well as top ups from various grants and organisations,  such as the Cults O50 group.   There is not enough left for next year.   Two dozen hanging baskets alone cost £1,200 to buy,  install and maintain for the season.   Compost,  fertilizer and planting for the other planters is dependant on the numbers of planters.   We currently have 6 lowlander planters,   22 whisky barrel tubs and a number of other troughs and planters.    Overall we need some £1,500 each year to maintain the programme as is,  without any thoughts of expansion.

How might you help?   Donations are always welcome.   After all,  £1,500 is only 300 times a fiver.   With over 4,000 household in the area it is hoped that this might be achievable.   If you have liked what you have seen these past few years and would like the programme to continue please consider a small donation.   Larger donations are also welcome!!

Donations can be made in various ways.  Please click here to see these options.

MBCBM was nominated for an EcoCity Award 2015 but did not receive one of the top prizes.EcoCity2015