Litter Picking

Litter is a global issue from which we are not immune in our local area.   Whilst the local litter “problem” is not severe,  occasional campaigns by volunteer groups help to make our immediate environment a bit cleaner.

Seven Community Councillors, Members of the Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside and the public met at the old Cults Station Yard on the 7th May. Pick-me-ups, gloves and bags were provided by ACC. The areas covered were the Old Deeside railway line from Bieldside through to Pitfodels/ Station Road Pitfodels/ North Deeside Road from Pitfodels to Cults, around Cults Shops and the perimeter Road Cults Primary School. A total of 12 bags of litter were collected. This is less than the last session held last year which is encouraging. Litter tends to “disappear” after late Spring as new vegetation grows and it becomes less easy to see. Litter picking campaigns tend to be held in the springtime and more sessions will no doubt be carried out this year.

Contact Graham Payne 01224868827 if interested in participating next time round.

During 2015 two such campaigns were carried out organised by CBMCC. At the end of April a group of 7 community councillors and volunteers from Aberdeen Deeside Rotary Club collected about 14 bags of litter from along the old Deeside Railway line from Bieldside to Pitfodels and the North Deeside Road from Pitfodels through to Cults.


In mid May a group of 12 community councillors, volunteers from Aberdeen Deeside Rotary Club and the general public collected 18 bags of litter from the perimeter road of the Cults Primary School where litter tends to collect in the shrubbery and wooded areas lining the road.