2. Community, Facilities and Amenities

There are a good range of facilities and amenities and a wide variety of social and voluntary organisations across Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber (CBM). With a higher than average number of retired there is a pool of voluntary workers and many residents contribute to the community in a range of activities. Residents can also, and do, make use of facilities and amenities throughout the city. In particular residents of Milltimber make use of shops and facilities in Culter as well as Cults and Bieldside.


The main shopping centre is Cults with a range of shops and cafes, with a smaller number in Bieldside. The major supermarkets are outside the area, within easy reach if using a car but more difficult using buses. There are four churches, one hotel (Cults), one restaurant/inn  (Bieldside Inn) and a number of coffee shops and several take-aways. There is a community centre in Milltimber (Milltimber Community Association) and community rooms at Cults Academy. Other venues for community activities include the primary schools, Cults Kirk Centre, and the other churches.


  • Sports and Fitness. There are several sports facilities including two swimming pools (Cults Academy and Kippie Lodge) and two golf courses (Deeside and Kippie Lodge), a bowling green and tennis courts. A wide range of sports and recreational activities are organised by groups and clubs. Most of these are listed in the MBC News.
  • Play areas. Two in Milltimber and four in Cults.
  • There are two primary (Cults and Milltimber) and one secondary (Cults Academy) and one special school (Camphill).
  • Conservation Areas and Parks. There are a total of nine nature conservation areas and one park (the Allan Park in Cults).

Clubs, Social Organisation and Hobbies. These range from choirs to art classes to over 50s clubs. Over 37 are listed in the MBC News (although some are held outside the CBM area).

Children and Youth Groups. 24 are listed in the MBC News and range from parent and toddler groups to beavers, cubs and scouts.

 Churches, Faith Groups and Religious Organisations. There are four Churches in the area: Cults Parish Church, St. Devenick’s Church, Hillview Community Church and the Deeside Christian Fellowship Church. They organise a variety of social activities and support  various groups in the community as well as providing general pastoral care to their  members.  Members of other church, religious organisations and faith groups are supported by their own organisations from outside the area.

Community Council. The Community Council organises a number of community events and activities to foster a sense of community, including:

  • Christmas Carol Concert held outside the Cults Hotel at the beginning of December.
  • Christmas Lights and ‘Switch-On’ Event. to foster a sense of community.

It also supports other community events, examples include the annual MBC festival and the Deeside Food Festival.

Current Key Issues.

The Community Council takes appropriate action, such a making strong representations, if there is a threat to a local facility or amenity. Two examples, which were both averted, were the threatened closure of the Cults library and the possible loss of the post office at Cults.

Shops in Milltimber. Currently there are no shops in Milltimber but the new Oldfold development plans included “.. a mixed-use local centre will provide a focus for the proposed new community, providing for day to day needs, allowing for facilities such as local shops…”. but currently there is no shop. Proposals for the South Milltimber site also include the option of local facilities. The CC has tried to assess opinion on a convenience store in Milltimber but has received few expressions of support.

Transport links to Robert Gordon University and Bridge of Dee. RGU has top of the range facilities that could be made more accessible to young people in the Cults, Milltimber and Bieldside area with the development of a link road and a bus link joining the North Deeside Road and Garthdee. Such a link and bus route would also facilitate access to the major shopping centre at the bridge of Dee.

Community Council Objectives.

To promote community activities,

To ensure that there is no loss of current amenities and facilities

To encourage and support new facilities and amenities.

Proposed action

To identify any potential threats to current amenities and facilities and take appropriate action.

To assess the need for a local convenience store in Milltimber and liaise with Oldfold and South Milltimber site developers.


Views are specifically invited on the following:

  1. Most shops are in Cults, with a few in Bieldside. Should the CC press for additional shops in Milltimber, and if so, where? Is the CBM area lacking any particular type of shop?
  2. Is there a need for additional facilities or amenities? If so, what and how might this be taken forward?
  3. Are there any groups or sections of the community who need additional support or help and where the CC might be able to help?
  4. Are you aware of any threats to the future of any current facilities, amenities or organisations?

If you would like to comment please add them below or click here to open a response sheet file.   This will allow you to complete and send your response by email to cbmcc@cbmcommunity.org.uk or by post to CBMCC at:  188 North Deeside Road, Milltimber, AB13 0HL.  All comments,  however received,  will be collated anonymously and acted upon as appropriate.  Your identity will not be disclosed.

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