Defibrillators in the Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber Area

The Community Council have added a draft list of defibrillators in the local area to the community council website so we can all be prepared to act quickly in an emergency. You can view the list here.

If you know of any other defibrillators or know who may have additional information or if corrections are needed to those listed please let us know by emailing us at A map of your 10 closest defibrillator locations can also be found here:

If you believe a person has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and is unresponsive and not breathing, immediately ring either 999 or 112 and ask for the ambulance service. They will advise you on what action to take and either inform you where your nearest defibrillator is located or ask if you have a defibrillator. The operator will remain on the line and ask you a series of questions which should only take you a few moments and advise you on what steps to take to assist in emergency.