Community Chaplaincy Listening Listening (CCL) Service

Have you heard about the Community Chaplaincy Listening Listening (CCL) Service?
No, well let me tell you a little more about it.
We all face challenges at some point in our life:-
• ill-health
• bereavement
• relationship breakdowns
• unemployment
• changes to life circumstances that just feel out of our control
But so often people do not want to burden their family and friends, and yet don’t know where to turn, but talking to someone out with our personal circle can sometimes be just what is needed and the Listening service can offer that for you.
The Listening service provides a safe, confidential space, free from judgement by our trained CCL listeners, for you to speak about whatever is causing you anxiety, or just making you feel low, and generally getting in your way of both your health and wellbeing.
Unlike counselling or other forms of psychological intervention, CCL Listeners are not there to fix the problem, they are there to listen to your story, told in your own words, to allow you the space to be seen, heard and process what is going on for you.
The Listening service is available at several GP practices around Aberdeen City, so please ask your GP receptionist if you have a listener in your practice that you wish to make an appointment with.
Alternatively you can make an appointment with one of our trained listeners at the Aberdeen Health Village by calling 01224 65 55 55.
Are you a good Listener??
I am currently recruiting volunteer listeners in all areas of Aberdeen City.
Listening to people’s concerns can help them feel less isolated and less anxious, whilst helping them feel more hopeful, valued and heard.
Our Listening service provides a safe, confidential space, free from judgement by our trained CCL listeners, for the individuals we support to speak about whatever is troubling them.
There is no requirement for our volunteers or those using our services to be a member of a faith group, just be able to provide a service that has people at heart, giving them space to feel safe, seen and heard, and allowing them to reflect on their own personal situations.
Experience required:
Ideal candidates will be able to display kindness, empathy and patience, as well as having a non-judgemental, open, curious, caring and compassionate mind-set.
Experience of working with others in a listening capacity, either formally or informally, would be ideal, combined with being able to fully commit to the initial training and ongoing support.
Volunteer listeners are placed within GP practices around Aberdeen City and at the Health Village (please note you will not be placed in the GP practice you are registered as a patient).
Training comprises of 4 Full days compulsory in-house experiential training, and is followed by a 20-hour active listening probation period.
In addition there is a requirement to undertake a minimum of 4 supervision sessions and a minimum of 4 Value Based Reflective Practice sessions yearly.
Minimum age: 25 years +
Expenses are paid.
To find out more please email Jane Walls at –