Your Input To The Local Transport Strategy

Your chance to help steer next Local Transport Strategy

A public consultation on Aberdeen’s next Local Transport Strategy (LTS) was launched on Oct 4, running to 14 November.

As part of this, Aberdeen City Council is seeking comment on the current network, strategy and where improvements could be made as well as wider feedback on how transport fits with other aspects of daily life.

The strategy will span the next five years and cover all aspects of transport including walking, cycling, public transport, freight, taxis, motorcycles, car sharing, car clubs, car and van use, parking, maintenance and low carbon fuels.

Framed within the context of existing national and regional transport policies, the strategy will take account of transport’s relationship with the wider context including economy, the environment, health, people and communities.

The consultation runs to Sunday 14th November and it can be found on the Aberdeen City Council website at:

A draft strategy is expected to be ready by autumn 2022 and will go out for further consultation.