Salt Bag Requests For Local De-icing

The scheme allows private individuals to treat their street and surrounding footpaths when they are icy and Aberdeen City Council are unable to attend to this.

Application can be made online at:

Please note the deadline for application this year is 1st November.

Residents are reminded that the bags are not provided to treat private driveways or for the salt to be ferried by car for use elsewhere.

In order to receive a one-tonne salt bag you are required to have:

  • A named individual to take responsibility for the bag. Contact details for this person are required (email address or phone number).
  • A secure location on your property, such as a driveway or other hard surface, to store the bag (1.5 metres of space is needed, ideally within 5 metres of the road).
  • Access for the delivery lorry (a minimum of 3 metres wide with a suitable surface that will take the weight of the lorry).
  • Permission from the land owner (if that is not you) for the salt bag to be stored on their land.