Communuty Council Elections Sep/Oct 2021

Community Council Elections Sep/Pct 2021

Community Council Elections - September/October 2021

Would You Like To Help Make Your Community A Better Place?
Have you ever asked yourself the question “Why doesn’t someone do something about that?”
Well, you can start to bring about a change by joining your local Community Council. The elections for Community Councils in Aberdeen take place in October 2021 and this will a good opportunity to get involved.
How do Community Councils work?
• They usually meet once a month to discuss the issues of current concern in their area, particularly major planning applications and steps to improve our local environment.
• They contact and are contacted by relevant agencies to put forward the views of the community which involves collating views from members of the community, including individuals, families and groups.
• They discuss and negotiate solutions to local issues and concerns.
• They attend meetings with relevant groups, liaise with City Councillors and officials.
• When necessary they campaign on big issues of local concern.
• They form work groups to take forward activities to improve the local area
Who can be a Community Councillor?
Community Council candidates must be named on the current electoral register for the Community Council area in which they reside as a local government elector. The minimum age to stand for election as a Community Councillor is 16 years of age. For Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber there are 16 places available.
You don’t need any special skills or experience. People who become Community Councillors should have an interest in their community.
Election Timetable
• Publication of Notice of Election - Wednesday 11 August
• Close of Nominations - 4pm Thursday 9 September 2021
• Closing date for withdrawal of Nominations - 4pm Wednesday 15 September 2021
• Notice of Poll (or Uncontested Election) - Monday 20 September 2021
• Polling Day (if required) 8.00am - 8.00pm - Thursday 7 October 2021
Watch the attached video for more information.

CC – What have they done for the City? -

Please contact the Community Council Liaison Officer (CCLO), Karen Finch on 01224 522723 or email for more information on nominations and a nomination form. You can also get in touch with your current Community Council Chair, Guus Glass through

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