Consultation – Aberdeen City Local Development Plan 2022

Some planning applications can generate a large interest. The starting point for most planning activity in our area is the Aberdeen Local Development Plan (and at a higher level, the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Plan). The time to steer the direction development takes in our city is when that plan is prepared. The current plan was issued in 2017 and the next version of the plan has been available for consultation, the consultation period closed on 31 August 2020.

Your Community Council has reviewed the proposed plan and the proposed submissions from developers and submitted comments, supporting the Aberdeen City Council view that no further major developments in Lower Deeside can be justified for inclusion in the plan. The response can be viewed by following this link.

Previous experience tells us that as well as responding to the Proposed Plan, we should also review once more the proposals put forward by developers in the Main Issues Report 2019 which were rejected as unsuitable to be included in the Plan. No doubt developers who are unhappy with the City Council’s decisions will put their views forward at the Public Examination in 2021 so it is important that community views are clearly expressed to the Scottish Government Reporter (see what happened at Milltimber South). We have done this.

You can find the Proposed Plan and all associated documents at:…/aberdeen-local-developmen…

which takes you to the relevant page of the City Council website. Please take time to look a them and make your comments to the Council planners through the link provided an that page.

The Main Issues Report (MIR) has been published as part of the process in preparation for the 2022 Aberdeen Local Development Plan. It is designed to gather views on specific proposals and sets out options for dealing with the key planning matters facing Aberdeen over the next 20 years.

The MIR and associated documents were available for a 10-week public consultation which ended on 13 May 2019.  The Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber Community Council prepared a response to the issues and questions posed and you can read those by clicking the following link here.

Aberdeen City Local Development Plan MIR 2019 Submission CBMCC

We encourage residents to read our proposed response and contact the Community Council if you have any questions or additional comments, as well as submitting their own comments to ACC.
UPDATE: you can see the proposed Community Council position on each of the developer proposals in the document accessed through this link;
CBMCC Review of Developer proposals
or this link to the excel spreadsheet
CBMCC Review of Developer proposals Excel spreadsheet