Various walks have been published over the last editions of the MBCNews.   These have now been loaded onto the website and an overview of the walks available is shown below.


Click on the walk to get the full details.   There is a download facility for each walk so that a paper copy may be printed and taken on the walk if required.

Walks Around Cults’ – six walks around Cults:

The text and map of these sis walks walks which can be downloaded gives more information on the walks than in the ‘Walks around Cults’ leaflet.


Walk 1 Inchgarth Reservoir Loop.  2 miles; 3 km.  Allow an hour.  Moderate.

Walk 2 River Dee. 3.5 miles; 5.6 km. Allow two hours. Moderate

Walk 3 Hazlehead Park via Den Wood. 5.2 miles; 8.3 km. Allow two and a half hours.   Moderate.

Walk 4 Quarry Wood. 1.3 miles, 2 km. Allow half an hour.  Easy.

Walk 5 Heritage Walk to Allan Park.  1.5 miles; 2.4 km. Allow 1 hour. Moderate.

Walk 6 Lady Hill and Foggieton Woods. 3 miles; 5km. Allow 1½hours.   Easy.

Other Walks previously published in MBC News:

Walk 7 Hazlehead and Den of Maidencraig. .  5.0 miles; 8km. Allow 2½ hours. Moderate.

Walk 8 Milltimber Circular Walk. 3.6mile; 5.8km. Allow 2 hours. Moderate.

Walk 9 Milltimber Circuit from Blacktop. . 4.5 miles; 7.2km.  Allow 2 hours.  Easy – moderate.

Walk10 Bieldside. 1 mile; 1.6km but can extended. Allow ½ hour. Easy.

Walk 11 By the River Dee at Milltimber. . 2 miles; 3 km (can be extended). Allow 1.5 hours. Easy.

Walk 12 Cults Burn and Rocklands Road 2.8 miles; 4.5 km.    Allow I hour. Easy.

Photographs by courtesy of Claire Cameron, George Washington Wilson (by permission of the University of Aberdeen), Christine Anderson and Peter Smith.

All Walks prepared by members of the footpath group of the Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber Community Council.

Walk Cults’ leaflet funded by Paths for All

Additional Walks (not on map) but downloadable as a pdf

Walk 13 Cults: Nature, Heritage, the River Dee and Climate Change. 1.5, 3.5 or 4.2 miles; 2.4, 5.6, or 6.6 km.

This is the walk that had been planned as part of Climate Change Week in March. The nature and environmental impact talks were to be given by local naturalists Alistair Watson and Lina-Elvira Bäck (Kaimhill Ecology),, and a summary of their talks can be downloaded here.

Walk 14 Bieldside – ‘Byways and Greenways’. 2.4 miles; 3.9 km.

Walk 15 Foggieton – ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’. 2.2 miles; 3.6 km.

Dog Walkers. Please always pick-up and either bin or take home.

More information about walking groups in and around our area may be viewed here.

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