Recently Submitted Planning Applications

Recently Submitted Planning Applications December 2018


Application No.  182039       Location: Ardsheiling Bairds Brae Aberdeen

Description: Works to protected trees: T5 – Copper Beech – Fell – Tree is too close to house and taking light from both kitchen and master bedroom; T17 – Thorn – Fell – Tree is too close to house (approx 1.5 m) and taking light from the front room

Comments Due By:  NA

Application No.  182041       Location: Dalmuinzie Road Aberdeen AB15

Description: Works to 5 protected trees as per schedule of works

Comments Due By:  NA

Application No.  182071       Location: Craigton Substation Friarsfield Road Cults Aberdeen

Description: Installation of telecommunications apparatus to an existing substation

Comments Due By:  Permitted Development

Application No.  182072       Location: 4 Craig Gardens Aberdeen AB15 9TN

Description: Formation of porch and rising of roof to an existing conservatory to rear (retrospective)

Comments Due By:   31 Dec 2018

Application No.  182076       Location: Pine Acres 47 Contlaw Road Aberdeen AB13 0EJ

Description: Works to 8 Protected Trees; T1 – 5 – Birch – Remove due to falling from storm; T6 – Oak, T7 & T8 – Birch – Fell for safety purposes

Comments Due By:  NA

Application No.  182086       Location: 12 Monearn Gardens Aberdeen AB13 0EA

Description: Erection of single storey extension with basement and decking with enclosure and external steps to rear.

Comments Due By:  4 Jan 2019

Application No.  182093       Location: Inchgarth House Inchgarth Road Aberdeen AB15 9NX

Description: Formation of new access and driveway with gate, wall and pillars through an existing boundary wall; closing up an existing drive opening; extension of existing balustrade with all associated landscaping works.

Comments Due By:  30 Jan 2019

Application No.  182141       Location: Inchgarth House Inchgarth Road Aberdeen AB15 9NX

Description: Partial demolition and alteration of existing boundary wall and formation of new gated vehicle access

Comments Due By:  1 Feb 2019

Note: Tree works do not have a formal comment or objection process, hence the use of NA – Not Applicable for Due Date, but comments can still be made if appropriate.

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