Countesswells Development Plans Out for Consultation

---------- Latest News: The deadline for comments on 140435 and 140438 has been extended till 30 April 2014! -------------
Hopefully you are aware that - in a sudden burst of activity - the Countesswells Development Framework is out for consultation and comment as well as two planning applications submitted by the Countesswells Consortium.
The planning applications are;
No. 140435 - Provision of infrastructure including access, internal road layout, landscaping and drainage provision for Phase 1 of residential-led mixed use development.
No. 140438 - Planning Permission in Principle. Residential-led mixed use development including approximately 3000 homes, employment, education, retail, leisure and community uses and associated new and upgraded access roads, landscaping and ancillary engineering works.
You will see that many documents are available for review under these applications.

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